Welcome, spiritual seeker!

My name is Natascha, and I’m here to inspire, enlighten and support you! As a lightworker and spiritual coach, I can help you become the best version of yourself through intuitive tarot readings, past life regression sessions and akashic record healing. I work with my 5th dimensional team of light (angels, archangels & intergalactic spirit guides) and in the Akashic Records to receive information for your highest good. All messages come through the heart called in through the vibration of pure love.

DIVINE soul blueprint work in the akashic records

Clear your Karma with Soul Realignment

I’m so happy to present my new spiritual clearing and healing modality “Soul Realignment” to you! This is a deeply transformative method of soul work, where your soul gets set back to its original divine blueprint. I work in the 5th Dimensional “Book of Life”, or Akashic Records to find out what your blocks and restrictions are at soul level: any negative karmic patterns, detrimental relationships with other souls, and energetic blocks. Together we are able to clear those blocks and help you make the necessary changes to life your best life! Are you ready do dive deep down? Are curious about who you are at soul level? Do you want to know your own soul’s status and history, and why you having your present experience? Then read on! This work in the Akashik Records is so much more than just a reading, it is truly one of the most transformative clearing and healing modalities out there.


Intuitive Tarot Reading

Get Insight into your life! Get answers to your burning questions! Do you want to know the general direction your life is going and need advice !? Are you wondering about your life purpose and career? Do you want to know more about your relationship or your partner ? Let’s get together and ask the cards! I read with compassion and no judgement, and can assure you that you will come out of our session inspired and energized with real answers

Love Readings

Where is this relationship going?What does he/she feel? What is our potential?

Career Questions

What is the best choice to make ? Where should I be heading? What are the obstacles?

Life Purpose

Where am I regarding my life purpose? What can I do to figure out where I’m going and what to do?

General Readings

What do I need to know right now in my life? Let the cards channel messages from spirit.

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Spiritual Hypnotherapy – Soul Journeys

Past Life Regression

This is deep trance work that focuses on YOUR EXPPERIENCE: Past Life and Inter-Life Regression as taught by Martin Peterson, student of Dr. Michael Newton. Using hypnotherapy I guide you on a spiritual journey beyond this lifetime to experience who you really are as a soul! Question like these can be answered: “What is my purpose and mission in this lifetime? What lessons do I have to learn? Will I meet my loved ones again? Have I lived other lives?” You are able to experience past lives and go even further, to visit the place where your soul lives in between your lifetimes on earth.